waxing with aloha

In the Hawaiian language, “aloha” is a greeting for hello and goodbye, but not everyone knows that it is also a way of expressing love and care. Our goal is to treat everyone with such great care and compassion that it shows from the first phone call to the time you check out of our Naperville salon.

Are you new to Naperville waxing, and curious about the details? Our FAQ page lets you know everything you want to know about waxing and more. Wondering if Brazilian bikini waxing is right for you? Brazilian waxing (yes, waxing in Naperville!) is the most extreme and smooth style of bikini waxing you can have. When you’re perfectly smooth from your waxing, you feel like a new woman. The best part is, you won’t have to make a trip to Chicago to do it!

In addition to bikini and Brazilian waxing, we also do full body waxing. The top three wax services requested are the Brazilian wax, eyebrow waxing, and back waxing. That’s right- we do men’s waxing as well as full body waxing for women. Click on our prices list for a full list of our waxing services.


Do you have a waxing question that isn’t listed in our FAQ?  At Aloha Waxing, we welcome all questions about waxing and skincare. We strive to give you the best wax in Naperville.

Our eyebrow waxing philosophy is designed to accent the natural arch of your eyebrow. Your brows are easier to maintain when their natural tendencies are respected! After getting an eyebrow wax, men and women both tell us they feel like they just got a facelift. You can have the most beautiful eyebrows in Naperville! Click here for eyebrow waxing prices.

Men have just as many questions about waxing as women do, and sometimes even more so because they aren’t used to being in a waxing salon. Most are surprised when I say the third most popular service is a back wax. Back waxing is essential before your vacation in Hawaii, or your weekend in Vegas! Don’t let Chicago weather keep you from staying smooth. Men’s waxing is on the rise, and we’ll wax you faster than you can say Kelly Clarkson!


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